We are a distributor and agency based in Japan.
Our mission is to introduce unique and wonderful products from overseas to the Japanese market and maximize its sales by collaborating with the producers.

Hi,my name is Naoki Hirabayashi, Relajante Brand Manager.

Our role is to bring wonderful ideas and products from overseas that are unavailable in the Japanese market, bring joy to our customers, and help their well-being. We also care about the manufacturer/suppliers and support establishing their business in Japan. We have a lot of experience and a variety of ways to introduce your great ideas to Japan. Please feel free to contact us anytime, we look forward to working with you. Thank you.

Our Philosophy

Our priority is to protect your brand and the product value and focus on expanding sales in a sustainable way. We cherish the bond between the manufacturer/suppliers and are always open for deep discussion and cooperation to decide/execute the best sales strategy together.

Our Role

We are expertise in sales and marketing and are ready to propose to you various strategies on how your product can attract customers in Japan and maximize sales in the Japanese market.

B to B




Participating Exhibitions

We can participate in exhibitions and expos across Japan as your sales representative and develop BtoB sales channels according to your needs. 




EC Sales

Yes, we have run our own website but not only that, our strength is having the knowledge to manage sales on the major online shopping platforms such as Rakuten and Amazon.

Web site



Crowdfunding Campaign

Is your product made with the latest technologies and new to the market? Great! We can conduct premarketing by using the most suitable crowdfunding platform to seek the reaction of the market and find the best way to step forward with the general sales in Japan.

Our strength

Your competitive edge.

Website creation

Our website development specialist will create the best and most attractive website to appeal your product to Japanese customers. We create a website that is more than aesthetically pleasing and functional but also has sales potential.

Gather customers

We make the most of SNS to attract customers, and also, our advertising professionals will find the best target to appeal to the right customer range.


The language barrier should not be the hurdle for you to enter the Japanese market. We can support not on translation from your language to Japanese, but also the acquisition of trademarks, TELEC, PSE, and other certifications. 

Customer Support

We are here to help you save time and effort for the other important things! We will manage the customer care role on your behalf and communicate with your customers in Japanese. In addition, we will implement measures to increase customer satisfaction and assist in gaining fans for your products.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any interest, doubts in establishing a new business in Japan. We're always open for a talk on Skype or Zoom.